In the online course, there were 262 registered participants. Out of these, there were 145 active participants. The course involved many activities including watching videos, doing practice questions (LbDs), completing quizzes, participating in discussion forums. Participants were also required to share their classroom application of what they learn in the form of pictures and videos. In the end, there was an online collaborative group activity that involved 3-5 participants.

The results of top 30 participants are as below:

S/NoNameScore (%)
1.Hamisi Hassani Jumaa100.00
2.Chomile Kululetela100.00
3.Shilinde Benjamin Muleba100.00
4.Elibariki Mwanyama100.00
5.Arjana Zhubi99.00
6.Aneth Batoleki98.30
7.Torati Mtitu98.30
8.Neema Munuo97.00
9Zulfikar Makamba96.70
10.Sospeter Nyamraba96.70
11.Michael N. Sanga96.70
12.Beatus Stifin96.70
13.Stamili Lidenge96.30
14.Ally Issa Shemkande95.00
15.Paul Kahemele95.00
16.Donart Nyenyembe95.00
17.Annectus Rutaihwa95.00
18.Kyobe Khalidi94.00
19.Ridhiwani Sufiani94.00
20.Issa Hamisi92.00
21.Simon Joas Kimaro91.00
22.John Mwasyeba91.00
23.Jonathan Abayo90.00
24.Elisante Mathayo90.00
25.Ruth Ese Peter90.00
26.James Urio90.00
27.Webber Mhenga88.30
28.Malfred G. Njogopa87.30
29.Nanoga Irene86.70
30.Peter Mwashala86.30

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