a) Teacher Training (face-to-face and online sessions)

MwalimuHub conducts both face-to-face and online teacher training to different teachers and educators. Some of the recent face to face teacher training sessions have been conducted at the following schools:

1Kola Hill Sec SchoolMorogoro2018, 2019, 2020View Photos
2Dodoma Sec SchoolDodomaJune 2019View Photos
3Kiomoni Sec SchoolTanga2019, 2020View Photos
4Kiwandani Primary SchoolMorogoro2019, 2020View Photos
5Kilangalala Sec SchoolPwani2019, 2020View Photos
6Mwanza City CouncilMwanzaJan 2020View Photos
7Forest Hill Sec SchoolMorogoroAugust 2020View Photos

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b) Online Teacher Training Workshops

At MwalimuHub, we offer online training and workshops to teachers and educators located in different parts of the world. We use different technology tools (such as Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Jitsi) to deliver our training workshops. Do you want to see some of the training sessions we have conducted online?

                                     View Photos

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