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At MwalimuHub, we offer regular online courses that aim to help teachers and educators to learn the 21st century teaching pedagogies. All the courses aim at empowering teachers and educators to promote 21st-century skills to their students. The courses also introduce teachers to basics of ICT integration in teaching and learniing. The online courses are hosted in our Moodle Learning Management System. The courses are designed to be learner centric using the Learner-Centric MOOC (LCM) Model. All courses involve elements such as short videos, practice questions, quizzes, external resources and a discussion forum for different levels of interactions. All the video resources are stored in our YouTube Chanel.

No Online Course Name Month/Year Offered Participants Want to Register?
1 Teacher Professional Development for Remote Teaching May-June, 2020 471 Click HERE
2 Becoming a 21st Century Teacher

April-May 2019

Jan-Feb, 2020

Feb-March, 2021

May-June, 2021





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3 Effective Teacher Trainers Dec 2019 16 Click HERE
4 ICT for School Teachers June 2018 174 Click HERE
5 The Use of Smartphones in Teaching and Learning June 2022 1,355 Click HERE