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Mwalimu Hub is a one stop centre which aims at bringing teachers from different parts to learn from each other, to share their experiences that work in their different contexts, to connect for the purpose of improving teaching and learning practices in your own schools. 21st Century teaching and learning is meant to make the student at the centre of learning. When student-centred learning is implemented, students learn many important skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, all of which are needed in the 21st century.

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"Before I joined the course I was not able to implement 21st century learner skills but now I can implement 21 century learner skills such as communication skills,critical thinking, problem solving, team work in my class"

Neema Munuo, Tanzania

""Ha ha ha!! My students are now enjoying my presence in the class. I remember the first day using PowerPoint Presentation, they really enjoyed it. And the next day I entered without that technology. At the end of the lesson I wanted to get their feedback. One of them said, "Sir, the lesson was good but next time come with that stuff you brought the previous lesson." We all laughed!

Actually, it doesn't mean that it was their first time to see a PowerPoint presentation, but it was their first time to see me using it. And by that time I was teaching Poems. They really enjoyed it."

Zulfikar Makamba, Tanzania

"Not familiar with all the techniques used. I can know apply TPS and other techniques in my class."

Peter Ruth Ese, Nigeria

"When I joined the course, I was not good in the use of apps,
but, I am better, for sure and I can try any application now"

Arjana Zhubi, Kosovo

"I was teaching my classses using the old teaching strategies but now, my class is more interactive, live and effective due to the use of collaborative teaching approaches aquires during the course."

Gibson G. Robert, Tanzania

"Frankly speaking, before I was just a speaker and a chalked teacher. When I was in the classroom I was talking and writing much. The students were so bored and fall asleep while I was teaching. Sometime when I saw any student is napping I let him/her standing. But surprizingly, when I joined to this course , things started to be change, my mindset started to think bigger and got the various ways of teaching. I started to believe that teaching is not only chalk and board or speaking too much, but teaching is all about facilitation, helping the students to learn by themselves, participating in group discussions, learning by reasoning and so on. Now my students are enjoying the lesson, and they have deep learning experience. They are almost improving"

Abdallah Ally Omar, Tanzania